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Cabinet & Furniture Hardware


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Anyone who's shopped for cabinet hardware lately is aware of the vast differences in quality being offered. And nothing spoils a beautiful old cabinet -- or well-crafted new casework made from fine hardwoods -- more than cheap, stamped metal hardware. The well-trained eye quickly spots the shoddy imitations, and even the novice can feel the difference once the hardware is in the hand.

This online list provides a good cross-section of today's hardware market. You'll find several dealers that have limited quantities of original antique cabinet hardware. These dealers can be especially useful if the project involves restoration and you don't want hardware that looks shiny and brand new. The only problem with antique hardware, of course, is quantity. If you need 12 pairs of perfectly matching drawer pulls, you may be out of luck. There are also suppliers of high-quality new reproduction hardware that can provide any desired amount of standard-design or custom period hardware for new construction or restoration projects.