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Storm Windows for Older Buildings

You'll find a wide variety of historically appropriate choices.

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In many ways, storm windows are more satisfactory than insulated glass units to upgrade the thermal efficiency of old windows. Storm windows are less expensive and aren't prone to the fogging that sooner or later plagues insulated glass units. However, the wrong storm windows can have disastrous effects on the appearance of an old building. The look of raw aluminum is jarring, and large expanses of flat glass can totally obscure the character imparted by historic muntins and small glass panes.

For these reaons, the first question to answer is: Should storm windows be mounted inside or outside the prime sash? Then come decisions about wood vs. metal vs. plastic frames, types of glazing, mounting systems, types of hardware, and others. The online list above provides a good cross-section of companies experienced in dealing with historic houses and commercial buildings. And they offer the full variety of storm windows--and in many cases doors, too--available today.