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Architectural Grilles,
Floor Registers & Radiator Covers

Architectural grilles & registers have a very practical purpose: To permit the passage of heated or cooled air into an interior space. (Technically, a grille is merely a plate with holes in it, while a register contains operable vanes that permit you to regulate the amount of air flow.) In the Victorian era, however, these practical devices took on a decidedly ornamental appearance -- to such an extent that ornamental registers & grilles are frequently added to restorations today for pure decoration.

To meet the growing demand for period-style registers and grilles, suppliers are now offering a wide range of options: (1) For cast-metal Victorian-style registers, companies like Reggio Register provide a wide range of models that are authentic reproductions of antique originals. (2) Another species is the flat-plate metal architectural grille; using water-jet cutting, some of the suppliers listed below offer a range of standard decorative patterns as well as providing custom-cutting of any ornamental pattern the client desires. (3) Yet another type of architectural grille is produced from forged steel; several fabricators listed below are skilled in this type of element. (4) For wood floors, some clients prefer a wood vent the installs flush with the rest of the floor, rather than standing out as an ornamental element like a cast-metal register. (5) We've also included in this listing several suppliers of period-style perforated-metal radiator covers.

A-Ball Plumbing Supply
Portland, OR
800-228-0134; Fax: 503-228-0030
Mail-order supplier of period-style registers, bathroom fixtures & accessories: porcelain-resurfacing kits, showers, corner & pedestal sinks, kitchen faucets, high- & low-tank toilets, clawfoot tubs, shower curtains & more.

All American Wood Register Co.
Wonder Lake, IL
815-728-8888; Fax: 815-728-9663
Manufacturer of solid-wood one-piece registers, grilles & baseboards: standard & custom sizes; cast brass, wood & copper; stair treads, risers & moldings.

Architectural Grille
Brooklyn, NY
800-387-6267; 71; Fax: 718-832-1390
Supplier of grilles: custom perforated & linear bar; aluminum, brass, bronze, stainless steel & steel; variety of finishes; stock sizes; water-jet & laser cutting.

Arsco Mfg. Co.
Cincinnati, OH
800-543-7040; 513-385-0555; Fax: 513-741-6292
Manufacturer of metal radiator covers & enclosures for steam & hot-water heating systems: grilles; new & replacement covers for baseboards, fin-tube, convectors, pipes & fan-coil units.

Barker Metalcraft, Inc.
Chicago, IL
800-397-0129; 773-248-1115; Fax: 773-929-2281
Manufacturer of grilles, registers & radiator covers in stamped & perforated metal: flat grilles with or without borders & wall & heavy-duty decorative floor grilles; 10 designs; several color choices; brass, copper or chrome plating.

ClassicAire Woodvents, Inc.
Wilsonville, OR
800-545-8368; 503-855-2000; Fax: 503-855-2029
Manufacturer of registers, grilles & baseboards in solid wood: custom designs; complete selection of wood species & pre-finished colors; standard or custom sizes.

Reggio Register Co., Inc.
Ayer, MA
800-880-3090; 978-772-3493; Fax: 978-772-5513
Manufacturer of decorative & functional registers & grilles: cast iron, brass, aluminum & solid wood; for forced-air-heating, air-conditioning & high-velocity systems; more than 500 styles & sizes; many adapted from traditional Victorian designs.

Schwartz's Forge & Metalworks, Inc.
Deansboro, NY
315-841-4477; Fax: 315-841-4694
Custom fabricator of architectural metalwork for 27 years: Grilles; straight, spiral & curved stairs; railings, balusters, balustrades, newel posts & more; ornamental gates & fencing; grilles & fountains; forged bronze, Monel, steel & stainless steel; restoration services.

Steven Handelman Studios
Santa Barbara, CA
805-962-5119; Fax: 805-966-9529
Manufacturer of hand-forged ornament, registers & grilles in wrought iron & steel; lighting & fire screens in iron: more than 250 choices of UL-certified lighting; incandescent, low voltage, HID & gas lamps; street lighting; Early California & European styles; gates, 50 styles of wrought-iron fire screens built in with doors or freestanding; stock & custom.

The Hamilton Decorative Collection, Inc.
New York, NY
800-900-3326; 212-760-3377; Fax: 212-760-3362
Manufacturer of solid-bronze & brass hardware: floor & wall registers in many regular & custom sizes; door & bath hardware, mail slots, numerals, pulls, knobs, switch plates & more; many finishes.

Urban Registers
Los Alamitos, CA
800-669-6998; 562-795-0069; Fax: 562-795-6674
Supplier of decorative, old-style, solid-cast aluminum & HVAC registers & grilles.

Wooden Radiator Cabinet Co.
Chicago, IL
800-817-9110; 773-281-1088; Fax: 773-281-1089
Manufacturer & distributor of wood radiator cabinets & baseboard covers: Prairie & Shaker styles; hand crafted.