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The ABCs of Decorative Ornament
The experts agree: Decorative ornament is a big plus in commercial buildings.

Alternative Options
Today's realistic and affordable options include cork, bamboo, and antique wood.

Antique Wood Flooring: Timbers & Boards
A digital directory to suppliers and installers.

Architectural Grilles, Floor Registers & Radiator Covers
A list of companies that supply these products in lovely traditional designs.

Art Glass: Something Old, Something New, Something Blue
The historic Eldridge Street Synagogue has new and restored windows.

Better Slate Than Ever
Three major suppliers discuss the advantages of using slate for flooring.

Ceramic Tile for Floors, Walls & Fireplaces
A mini but comprehensive guide to using this classic material.

Ceramic Tile for Traditional Public Interiors
A list of suppliers and studios that specialize in creating traditional looks in ceramic tile.

Decorative Painting: Journey to Rebirth
The 1960s Church of Christ in New Vernon, NJ, now has 14 Stations of the Cross paintings by Leonard Porter.

Different Strokes
The restoration of an historic building in Baltimore proved to be a unique challenge for a local decorative finishing company.

Floor Tiling: Tile Style
Two venerable suppliers teach a class in high-style tile.

Flowing Arcs
The Memorial Library and Art Collection of World War II in New York City features a spectacular new hardwood mosaic floor in its lobby.

Fresh Cuts for Old Wood
The search for desirable wood species and antique character drive the reclaimed flooring market.

Guastavino Thin-Tile Vaults
A master craftsman takes us through the steps to build a Guastavino vault.

Mosaics for Floors & Walls
Here's a list of companies that offer a myriad of mosaics for traditional floors and walls.

Mural Restoration
A case study in the restoration of well-known murals is a lesson for us all.

Murals & Mosaics: Home Is Where the Art Is
Residential murals can be a classical gas.

Ornamental Ceilings & Fans
A lengthy list of suppliers that offer these traditional fixtures.

A Primer on Paint
Exterior paints have changed dramatically in recent years, as has the technical vocabulary.

Reaching New Heights
The embossed patterns of yore are now showing their mercurial metal charms in houses old and new.

Specifying Mosaics
A mosaic artist offers background information and guidelines for various projects.

Such Great Heights
A 50-ft.-dia. stained-glass dome is one of the highlights of a new church in Arkansas.

Tile’s Golden Age
As an alternative to mechanization and mass production, Arts & Crafts-era tile still has appeal today.

Tin Ceilings
A brief guide to selecting and using a stylish material that really doesn't cost that much.

True Fresco
The tradition and techniques of buon fresco are undergoing a renaissance.

Traditional Lime Plaster: Plaster Perfect
Traditional lime plaster is a good candidate for restoration, if you have the know-how.

Venetian Plaster: The Skills of the Scagliolist
Do you use beautiful but expensive traditional materials, or do you down-shift to cheaper, easier-to-use synthetics?

Weaving a New Old Look
Carpeting is an important, and often overlooked, part of many historic preservation projects.

Wide-Plank Flooring from Antique Wood
Specifying antique boards for wide-plank flooring is tricker than buying new wood. Here are some purchasing tips--and several reliable suppliers.

Wood Flooring
A useful list of companies that supply hardwood strip, parquet, and wide-plan flooring.