Landscapes, Streetscapes, Parks & Garden Fixtures

A Path Taken
Restoration of the complex architectural metalwork at the Fairmount Water Works in Philadelphia proved once more that iron rules.

Benches for Streets, Parks, Plazas & Public Spaces
A list of companies that supply new benches with that grand old look and feel.

Catching Up with Conservatories
You don't need a green thumb to appreciate today's garden rooms.

Downtown Upgrade
New pavers solved both aesthetic and functional problems for a downtown walkway in an historic town in New Jersey.

Fences & Gates: Fence Me In
A case study in how to re-create an ornamental wood fence.

Fencing Through the Years
From early log stockades to wrought iron, cast iron and steel, the evolution of fencing has mirrored architectural fashions.

Fountains & Water Features: Going with the Flow
More than a century old, a fountain finds new life in the New York Botanical Garden.

Gazebos, Arbors & Garden Houses
Companies that supply these romantic shelters for landscapes and gardens.

Landscape Specialties: Warrior Restored
Restoring a copper statue energizes a Midwestern town.

The Many Sides of Period Gazebos
Available in all shapes and sizes, today's gazebos can fit just about any application.

Planters & Urns: Perennials
A quick look at traditional materials with new appeal.

Sculpture for Public Spaces
More companies than you might think are making new sculpture in the old styles.

Spirit of the Ocean
A 1927 sandstone carved fountain in Santa Barbara, CA, has been re-created by master carvers. (From Clem Labine's Traditional Building magazine.)

The Other Dry Wall
Constructing traditional mortarless walls requires an eye for regional styles and a feel for the material.

Traditional Outdoor Seating
What makes a public space a seat of populist power? It's nothing more than the humble bench.

Traditionally Styled Benches: Benchmarks
Benches can add to the beauty and tranquility of public parks and gardens.