lighting & Electrical

Ahead of the Curve
A Brooklyn-based glass studio produces traditional bent glass for both restoration projects and new light fixtures.

Authentic Gas-Burning Lighting
Classical gas: These suppliers offer real gas lighting.

Bright Ideas
Historic lighting companies have to be on the leading edge of the technological curve while keeping a foot in the past.

Eternal Light
A historic synagogue in New York City is home to a beautiful array of restored lighting fixtures.

Exterior Complements
Choosing appropriate lighting fixtures is a matter of style, scale and personal taste.

Green Light
Two traditional lighting manufacturers are producing energy-efficient fixtures while using sustainable factory operations to do it.

Illuminating the Past
Switch in time: a brief but enlightening history of period lighting styles.

Interior Lighting: Fiat Lux
Lighting in sacred spaces: Two experts illuminate the subject.

Lanterns & Exterior Period Lighting
A stunning list of suppliers who offer standout fixtures in boldly traditional styles.

Let There Be Mica
Arts & Crafts-style lighting brings warmth to a large hotel and casino in Lake Charles, LA.

Lighting Design with Period Lighting Fixtures
A guide to finding and using historically authentic fixtures.

The Lore of Lantern Design
Historic lanterns continue to inspire the designs of today's light fixtures.

Radiant History
Gas lighting, common in the 19th century, is once again popular in the residential market.

Recasting the Past
Lighting from New York’s Grand Central Terminal was the inspiration for 128 fixtures in a new 775-room hotel in Salt Lake City.

Relighting a Statehouse
St. Louis Antique Lighting replicated a number of original Mitchell, Vance and Co. fixtures for the Senate Chamber in the historic Kansas Statehouse.

Tomorrow's Arts & Crafts Lighting
Illuminating the next phase of a brilliant product.

Value Engineering
Manufacturers of exterior lighting fixtures are making adjustments to meet market demands while maintaining historic designs.