molded and cast ornament

Mold-Making & Casting Materials
for Architectural Ornament

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Restoration and repair of older buildings often call for the making of molds to replicate existing pieces of architectural ornament. Molded ornament is also becoming very popular for new buildings.

Selection of the optimum mold-making material depends on many variables including: (1) Number of castings to be made from the mold; (2) Whether the mold has to be made in place on a building; (3) Type of material that will be used as the casting material; (4) Whether there are severe undercuts on the model being cast and (5) Whether speed is a major factor in the molding and casting process. Some of the suppliers listed in the link above have videos and literature that help de-mystify the complex world of mold-making and casting.

The suppliers in this list encompass a wide range of mold-making applications. Some of the mold materials listed are designed for making a relatively few copies; others are premium materials designed for long production runs. You'll also find suppliers of additives for casting mixes that can reduce de-molding time, another important factor on production runs.