ornamental metalwork

Finishing Fine Metalwork: Hold the Paint
Here are the options for this fine, hands-on craft.

Grand Entrances
Where there's an iron will, there's a way. One company's three-year effort to restore a mansion's metalwork.

Maintaining Metal Fencing
Even the most durable fences, those made of iron and steel, require maintenance.

Metal Stairs & Railings
A very short course and a very long list of suppliers.

Metalwork: Metal Medicament
Learn the three Rs of metalwork, and you'll be well schooled in the field.

Metalwork: More Than Meets the Eye
Knowledgeable suppliers explain that custom historic metalwork is worth the time and effort, and will stand the test of time.

Overcoming Challenges
A firm with a long history of decorative metal exploration and restoration discusses some of the problems and options available.

Soft Option
Contemporary technology turns back the clock at the Marion County Courthouse in West Virginia.

Tin Ceilings for Ornamenting Public Spaces
A lengthy list of suppliers and a short guide to why tin is so in.