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Clay Tile Roofs: Repair & Installation

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Clay tile roofs are beautiful and distinctive. They're also a responsibility, because it's not always easy to find a roofing contractor with the skill and experience to repair or install clay tiles. All too often, a roofing contractor will urge the complete removal of a clay tile roof that is quite repairable -- simply because that particular contractor isn't skilled at working with clay tile.

The online list above provides a good cross-section of today's clay roof tile market. You'll find several dealers in salvaged antique roof tiles, too. These dealers are especially useful if you are making repairs or planning an addition and need a relatively small amount of tiles that must exactly match existing tiles.

There are also suppliers of new clay tiles who can provide any specified amount of standard-design or custom tiles for new construction in the Spanish-Mediterranean style. And you'll also find companies that supply lower-cost simulated tiles in concrete. In many cases, the companies listed can also direct you to roofing contractors in your area who are skilled at working with clay tile roofs.