roofing and roof specialties

Back to Basics
Restoring the original wood roof at James Madison's Montpelier required framing repair before period-style cypress shingles could be added to the hipped design.

Clay Roofing Tile: Tiling Up
What a designer needs to know when specifying clay roofing tile.

Clay Tile Roofs: Repair & Installation
A list of companies that either supply clay tile, install it, or do both.

Clay Tile Roofs: Repair & Replacement
A concise guide to fixing or replacing these old-time beauties.

Copper Roofing: Copper from Heaven
A case study on how an old city hall got a shiny new top.

Crowning Glories
Two churches, one in Ohio and one in Missouri, opted for synthetic slate roofing, citing its appearance and sustainability, as well as cost and weight savings.

Cupolas: The Crown Jewel
Period-style cupolas can be crowning glories.

Metal Roofing: Copper to the Rescue
A church in Huntsville, AL, found that copper was the most economical and aesthetically pleasing solution when replacing its existing galvanized stamped shingles.

Gutter Talk
In both function and style, there is more to the humble gutter system than meets the eye.

Repair, Replace, Revive
A basic guide to restoring roofs made from different materials.

Roof Gardens
In addition to their cost saving benefits, green roofs can bring historic buildings to life.

Roofing with a History
Slate and clay tile are historic, durable and sustainable roofing choices.

Selecting Snow Guards
Looking for suppliers of traditional-looking snow guards? You've come to the right place.

Slate Roof Repair & Installation
Slate is great, but try finding a contractor who works with it; try right here, in fact.

Solving the Snow Problem
Three manufacturers discuss snow-retention products.

The Story of Two Churches
Two distinctly different historic churches now have new steeples.

Timeless Beauty
Traditional roofing materials continue to lead the pack when it comes to historic public buildings.

Traditional Blend
A sympathetic addition to a clubhouse in Atlanta features a tile roof that blends seamlessly with the original.

Updating with Copper
The 1889 Hotel Holmes in Westerville, OH, has a new copper oriel roof that was designed, fabricated and installed by The Durable Restoration Company.

Weathervanes, Finials & Cresting: Jewelry for the Roof
Traditional designers created stand-out roofs; these companies make the products they used to do it.

Wood Shingle Roofing
A primer on this most traditional of roofing materials.